And Why Not ! Miss M. volume 1

And Why Not! , more than just a title of book. "Isabelle", more than just a first name! It is a way of living in the search of the most exclusive sensation, that one of the whip. You will see Isabelle taking pleasures with young schoolgirls expert in the art of sapphic libertinage, offering her body to to sadic flagellations, mingling with devilish voyeurs, you will also see women and men eager for new enjoyments and that nothing will stop from sarisfying their whiping desires. If you are not yet aware of this way of living, you have to read And Why Not!, an unprecedent novel sensations.
English Text.

Digital fiction, 63 pages, color cover by Amarino Camiscioli.

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Informations :

Éditions Dominique Leroy
Claudine Chevalier
Littérature Sexualité Domination Fiction Échangisme Érotisme Littérature et sexualité Flagellation Lesbienne Fetishism Corporal punishment